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Thucydides forces the reader to wonder how the Athenians or anyone else can know that there is no moral order, and thus be confident about their thesis about justice. The Athenians respond to the Melians' argument by denying the Melian assumption that there are just gods who reward and punish human beings.
Let us consider further the way in which the Athenians theorize their own position. We might note at the outset that the most famous remarks of the Athenians have acquired a conventional name, “the Athenian thesis.” At Thucydides 1.76, in their first speech in the History, they argue that fear, honor, and advantage drive all
the attention of political theorists ever since.1 But if the Athenian thesis has attracted support from Hobbes onward, the "realism" of Thucydi- des' Athenians proves deeply problematic. Thucydides offers us a real world that can be as elusive as that sketched by such recent critics of realism as Richard Ashley and James Der
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These basic Athenian convictions, Orwin argues, eventually return home to infect Athenian “domestic politics.” In particular, in the arguments by which Alcibiades claims the role of commander in Athenian politics, Orwin detects a strident version of the Athenian thesis.7 Thucydides' entire narrative conWrms that external
1.75-76, 5.105).1 Thucydides' investiga- tion of Athenian imperialism, especially its causes, is in large part an attempt o explore and test this notorious Athenian thesis on justice and empire, and turns very much on the question of whether or to what extent Athenian imperialism is rooted in deeper principles of human nature.
This section will then move on to describe how Thucydides presents the Corinthians as responsible for the collision between the Peloponnesian and Athenian ships at the battle of. 2. Even Badian (1993) 125-62, who advanced the thesis that Thucydides deliberately misrepresented the Spartans in his account of the war's
Does Thucydides subscribe to the Athenian thesis? We might just as soon that he didn't. Not just the adversaries of Athens but common sense will bristle at the thesis as selfserving. Isn't it all too typical of us to contrive excuses for precisely our least excusable conduct? Can we really lay all such conduct at the door of nature
Thucydides' Account of the Athenian Empire in the. Light of Contemporary Coinage. J. A. Brinkman. Loyola University Chicago. This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Theses and Dissertations at Loyola eCommons. It has been accepted for inclusion in. Master's Theses by an authorized administrator
The Athenian rhetoric during the war was rife with realist-sounding phrases, much of them emphasizing what has become known as the "Athenian thesis." At the war conference Sparta held with its allies to discuss the possibility of going to war against Athens, some Athenian ambassadors attempted to frighten the Spartans

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